samedi 11 juin 2016

This Is How The Army Builds A Bridge With A Tank Just In 98 Seconds!

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M60 Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge – “Tank” that transforms into a scaffold – We wager that you’ve never seen one of these. M60 AVLB (otherwise known as Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge) was displayed in 1987. This scaffold building vehicle was made by General Dynamics to supplant the past M 48 AVLB. It is expected to dispatch range for tanks and wheeled fight vehicles transversely over trenches and water blocks in fight conditions. A total of 400 vigorously clad bridgelayers were built. It is in organization with the US Army and Marines. Convey overseers are Egypt, Spain Iran, Israel, Singapore and Pakistan. It will soon be supplanted by a more propelled model: the Wolverine M104.
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